Classic Speed Cups Game Set

2 players
4 players

Kids, do you have quicker eyes and hands than your parents? Then play this game and prove it once and for all!


How fast can you stack your cups to match a picture? Play to find out! Can you think fast enough to switch between stacking and lining up? Pay attention and stay focused!


You never know what to expect when you flip over a card! Will the colors be stacked or will they be next to each other?


And remember – each card is different – some will be easier to work with.  You have to train your eyes and your brain to adjust to a new challenge in every flip!  And don’t forget – it’s a race!


Be the Speed Cup champ today and defend your title next time!


















  • Fun and simple color-matching cup stacking game!

  • Red, blue, yellow, black and green cups – each player gets 1 of each!

  • Each picture card has a picture with 5 colors – Some are arranged horizontally, like a train; and Some are vertical, like a stack of teacups!

  • Super fun game that challenges you to react quickly!

  • Match the colors of your cups with the colors on each picture card!

  • Stay focused, pay attention to the order of colors and whether they are stacked or lined up!

  • Ring the bell first to win the round!

  • Your purchase include:  20 cups in five colors; 24 cards; 1 Bell; English instructions for 4 players



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