Magic Hatching Growing Dinosaurs (5 PCS)

This is why your kids love Dinosaurs!

Watch and follow the  birth of a Dinosaur, see it grow up together with your kids. Something you once thought was impossible!

Fill a glass or bowl of water and  put a Dinosaur Egg inside. The egg will slowly  start hatchingand the dinosaur will continue to grow once it's outside the shell, until it's  fully grown and can stand up. Make your kids ready for a really adventurous couple of days.


  • Easy to grow and fun to show 
    Mess free fun! Just throw these dinosaur eggs into water for a few hours and wait for a miniature dinosaur friend to appear. Our grow eggs contain a variety of different dinos in vibrant colors and styles that will lead to hours of play with T-Rex and his friends for your young archaeologist.
  • Cute and compact gifts
    Our eggs are sturdy and will keep the dinos inside safe until they hatch. Hide them around the yard and watch kids go wild as they unearth these colorful dinosaur eggs!
  • Plenty of uses
    These dinosaur grow eggs are perfect for birthday party favors, piñata fillings, chore rewards, or giving as a fun rainy day present. Kids love watching them grow, and adults will love that they're made with non-toxic, kid-friendly materials.


  • Size: 3 x 2 cm
  • Color: Random
  • Material: Plastic



  • 5 x Magic Hatching Growing Dinosaurs



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