Paint Runner Pro Roller Brush

The MOST cost-effective brush set
  for your house is here!
 The  spill-proof design of the rollers will make  no dripping or mess! Thus, you will get your job done  quickly and  easily Paint a wall in 5 minutes, an entire room in 20 minutes! 


  • Spill-proof design  –  no mess, drips or splatter
  • Convenient – Large refillable 1L paint chamber, so no constant dipping
  • Micro-fiber head   – delivers an even coat with seamless paint distribution on rough or smooth surface
  • Easy to use – roll onto any surface for even paint distribution
  • Flocked edger & corner pad – cutting in has never been cleaner or easier
  • Extension tubes – no more bending over to roll in the paint tray or climbing up & down a ladder
  • Time-saving – paint an entire wall in 5 minutes or an entire room in 20 minutes
  • Perfect for both indoor & outdoor
  • Washable and Reusable – for easy cleanup



    1 × Paint Runner Pro
    1 × Flocked Edger
    1 × Corner Cutter Painter
    1 × Resting Tray
    1 × Easy Flow Paint Pour Jug



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