Swan Soup Spoon With Tray - 2 Pieces Set

They are attractive and interesting spoons that are durable as well as high-temperature resistant, so you can easily stir hot recipes and soups. These are made up of high-quality plastics that are environmentally friendly. It comes with additional small trays, and the flat design at the bottom makes it easy to stand. The beautiful dull finish and good handling grip are added advantages.

  • Available in the set of two
  • Beautiful dull finish
  • Good handling grip
  • Lightweight 

  • BEAUTY IN THE HANDS OF THE BEHOLDER – These soup spoons are beautifully shaped like a swan adding some charm to the routine of scooping soup out of the pot.
  • SERVING SHOULD'VE ALWAYS BEEN THIS ELEGANT – Serving guests will now be much more pleasant with these swan soup spoons especially when you get comments of how gracious they look.
  • THEY STAND TO BE SEEN – These swan soup spoons are shaped to stand on the included saucer plates making their elegance literally stand-out.
  • MADE TO DISPLAY – They come in black and white making it simple to contrast with almost any dining room setting.
  • BEAUTIFUL SAFE AND STRONG – These swan soup spoons are made from thick, sturdy and safe food-grade plastic and are heat resistant up to 400°F / 204°C.
  • EASY TO KEEP THEM SPOTLESS – Simply run them under the faucet with warm or hot water. If needed, you can place them in the dishwasher as well but try not to use harsh dishwasher detergents.



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